We produce footwear. Quality, functional and comfortable.

We produce what we love. We love what we produce.


By Wearing adequate footwear that is wide and soft enough, we can reduce the pressure on the foot,
and prevent the formation of sores or blisters on the feet.

Diastep Footwear for people with diabetes is made according to the highest orthopedic standards;
without seams on the lining, with softenings in the tongue and collar, with enough space in the shoe, and a soft removable insole.

If necessary, we individually adjust the footwear to the condition of the feet,
and enable customers to choose different materials, colors and outsoles.

Diastep footwear provides superior comfort and protection for sensitive diabetic feet.

What are we doing?

We want to hear your problems and difficulties caused by diabetes. We are aware that you have problems with the purchase of comfortable footwear, limited mobility and difficult to perform daily activities

As proucers of orthopedic footwear, we understand feet and we understand footwear. We also know that ready-made solutions do not help everyone, which is why we offer you personalized solutions to chronic problems related to feet and shoes.

How do we operate?

We do individual treatment and counseling about products so we can assure each and every one of our customers they have best care and privacy.

If you’re under doctor’s surveilance because of your medical problem, it’s utmost useful to present them to our specialists so we can respect you doctor’s recommendations while preparing your diabetic shoes.


In August 2020, my husband had his toe amputated as a result of diabetes. The doctor’s recommendation for the future was exclusively footwear for diabetics. As we had no experience with such things, an internet search started. In addition to the medical part of the story, the esthetic part was also important, so that these shoes were also attractive. Fortunately, in a short time we found the company Ortostep d.o.o., that met our needs both medical and esthetic. BUT (there is always but…) as it was the time of the pandemic, the impossibility of traveling (Sarajevo – Osijek), there was a fear that there would be nothing from that story. In contact with the wonderful people from Ortostep, Mr. Damir, who broke our concern regarding the delivery of shoes and the excellent ms. Brigita who gave us detailed instructions on how to take action. Within 20 days we received 2 pairs of shoes that, believe it or not, were PERFECT. Nothing was tingling, squeezing, and the quality was top notch. We continue our cooperation and I warmly recommend our wonderful, dear people from Ortostep to all those who have a similar problems, who not only make quality shoes for diabetics, but are always ready to answer and solve all doubts and give expert advice.

Tanja Vitković